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What do they look like?

Suckers are rather dull in color. They may be practically invisible, depending on their surroundings. They are usually very ordinary in color, ranging from browns to greens. Their undersides are typically silver. The tails on suckers are deeply forked, and the head normally has few, if any, scales, which is unusual for fish. The scales on their bodies, however, are generally larger than average. They have teeth, but they're not visible by humans. Their teeth are in their throats and are used to devour shell-bearing prey.

How do they behave?

Suckers are generally quiet fish. They usually keep to themselves and try to stay away from any fears or dangers in their own world.

The sucker is named after its sucker of a mouth. It has a suction cup for a mouth and has distinguished protruding lips on the bottom of their heads. The mouths on these fish act as a vacuum cleaner of sorts. It is used to eat small animals and insect larvae. Suckers generally prefer to eat worms and vegetation from the bottom of their habitat.

What else do you need to know about them?

Suckers generally find their food based on their ability to taste and touch. They like to comb the bottoms of their habitat looking for dinner. Using their suction-like mouth to find their food.

Suckers breed in the spring months and like to breed in shallow waters. When its time to spawn, male suckers develop pearls on their snouts and tails. The female presses up against these organs, and eggs are shed together.