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Seahorses posess a beauty that is both mythical and
bewitching. These qualities draw many fans but maintaining a high quality of life for the seahorses can be exceptionally high maintaince.
Seahorses are sparsely strewn about the vast ocean.
This must be taken into consideration when shopping
for one for you salt water tank. There should be no
more than two seahorses in a 100 liter tank. Seahorses
are territorial and any more than this amounmt could
spur competition and the feeling that their homes are
being invaded.
You really need to learn all the ins and outs of owning a seahorse before owning one. They require quite a bit of different kinds of live food. They'll need you to buy them brine shrimp, ghost shrimp, mysiad shrimp, and enriched Artemia. Some of these products are difficult to find, if you don't know where to look. Each of these different types of fish may be available in frozen form from a seafood dealer. You can ask your local aquatic expert for more information about dealers in your area.
Seahorses not only require a lot of different types of seafood, they require it often. You'll have to feed them these different types of shrimps at least twice a day.
When shopping for a seahorse remember, same sex pairs are acceptable, but placing a female and a male in the
same tank allows for less competitive nature and
procreation. Seahorses primarly inhabit tropical reef
regions so placing them in a reef like environment is
best to ensure maximum quality of life .