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Having a live reptile in your classroom can be great learning tool and really fun for the children. However, before you go out and get one consider all the pro’s and con’s. Remember, it is an investment of both time and money. Sometimes the con’s outweigh the pro’s.


Reptiles can be very interesting and fun. Reptiles have an interesting and captivating approach to everything they do. How they look around, how they smell things, how they move, how they eat; it is all fascinating to adults and children and alike.

You can name your reptile and get to become great friends with that strange little creature. Maybe you could even make that reptile your classroom mascot.

Depending on how in-depth you go with your reptile, kids can learn so much from having a live animal in the classroom. They see how it feeds, how it sleeps, etc. You can discuss where this particular species evolved from. This is a good precursor to other aspects of biology. Above everything else, there aren’t many kids that wouldn’t want to see a big reptile swallow a rat whole.

Yet another thing that could be learned from this experience is responsibility. You could make one child responsible for the reptile each day of the week. By this they will learn to be more respectful and responsible.


The biggest con is the expense. They need food, shelter and other miscellaneous things to keep them happy and healthy. If you can afford it, then this isn’t so bad.

They also take up space. A reptile of any species needs at least a twenty gallon tank to be kept in. You need to think about how much available space you have to house an animal such these. If space is not a problem, you don’t need to worry.


There is a possibility that the children and yourself may lose interest in the reptile. The initial mystery may fade and you may left with a living creature who may not be wanted. Be sure that this is something with a future before you go out and take responsibility of a living creature.