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Live rock is a system by which living organisms on rock help keep your aquarium clean and filtered. Bacteria, algae and other microorganisms do the work and can consume animal waste, produce oxygen, and give grazing fish a food center.

Where does it come from?
Most any ocean system produces live rock. Today, live rock harvesting in American waters is illegal and so most all live rock that you may buy comes from the Pacific ocean, specifically the island of Fiji.

What are the different types of live rock?
There are two types of live rock, cured and uncured. Cured simply has been rid of any decaying organisms that would be harmful to your tank, and therefore makes it more desirable.

Where can you get live rock?
It is illegal to harvest live rock in American waters so pretty much you are stuck finding a live rock dealer of some sort. Generally it is best to go to a reputable dealer to avoid problems. As well, it is possible to create your own by purchasing or finding a porous rock. After several months in your tank life will sprout on it that will begin to help filter your tank.