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It is nice to have an aquarium in your home. Just sitting and staring at the fish swimming around seems so peaceful. If you maintain your aquarium properly it requires little time to keep it looking beautiful. You hear people saying all of the time that up keep on a aquarium is a hard job. If you let it go for months before cleaning, maybe it is. With regular maintenance though, keeping an aquarium clean and functional is easy. Here are some tips I use to keep my aquariums in top notch shape.

1. Do not overfill with fish. Try not to put over one fish per gallon of water.

2. I have an algae eater fish for every five other fish in each tank. They keep the waste cleaned from the tank.

3. Change your filter at least every two months. This will enable it to filter the water for you and keep it clean.

4. About once every three months empty half of the water out of the aquarium and fill with new. Never empty all of the water out of the tank. There are many nutrients in the water by now that the fish need.

5. I always keep my aquarium water medicated with medication for the fish. They have many different types of medicine to keep your fish healthy.

6. Keep new fish separated from the fish you already have for at least two weeks. This way you don't put a diseased fish in with your healthy ones.

7. Keep the temperature in your aquarium the same all of the time, don't let it vary.

8. Keep clean gravel in your aquarium at all times. Usually if you change it every three months it will be alright.

9. Do not over feed the fish. This is the worst possible thing you can do. Try feeding the fish only about once every three days.

10. Only keep the aquarium's lights on during hours you are present. If you leave the lights on all of the time, it causes algae to grow in your tank.

I think if you follow these tips, in maintaining your aquarium, you will never have the problems of a dirty tank. Your fish will be healthier and you will be happier having such a beautiful looking aquarium.