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The home you chose for your frog is the most important decision you will
make while owning your little friend. It should be a place where they will enjoy living in, which means something close or resembling their natural
habitat. You need to find that a tank that will provide your frog with the
best living standards.

What kind of housing should you provide for your your frog?
There exist many different types of frog. You need to know what kind of
environment you frog would usually live in to design it’s habitat
appropriately. Dry land frogs need a dry tank. Water frogs need an aquatic
set-up. Tree frogs need high limbs and branches to climb on. Then again,
some frogs need both aquatic and dry land aspects to their tanks.
The normal sized frog can live comfortably in a twenty gallon tank. For
bigger frogs you will need a bigger tank. For more than one frog, you will
need a much bigger tank. The should also provide ample light. A
fluorescent lighting is suggested for almost all frogs.
For aquatic frogs you may want to consider heating the water. Almost all
water frogs prefer a warm, humid environment. For land frogs you can keep
the conditions at room temperature. For the most part, these frogs will
live comfortably in the temperature you choose to live in.
When considering a flooring for your frog’s tank, stay away from pebbles or
wood shavings. The frog will eat the smaller pieces of these floorings.
Pine chips will suffice however, potting soil or sand will allow to plant
small trees and other plants that your frog will likely enjoy. Moss will
keep the tank damp, something that even the land frogs will enjoy.
The last thing to consider it providing a hiding place for your frog. In a
captive setting the frog will want a place to itself, where it cannot be
seen. A good haven for a frog is a hollow log. Any type of wood will do.
As long as the frog can fit inside of it it will do just fine and your frog
will much happier