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Freshwater fish.
Freshwater fish are, for the most part, easier to care for than their tropical counterparts. They enjoy green plants and hard water in their tanks. Freshwater are not as exotic as tropical fish but can be quite colorful.

Guppies. Guppies are an active, colorful, and peaceful fish. They are easy to care for since they will eat any fish food you feed them. They do prefer a neutral ph level and hard water. Besides that they can live with
just about any other freshwater fish.

Platies. This a more active type of fish than the guppy. Platies are larger than the guppy and just as colorful. These fish can eat just about anything but prefer flakes of lettuce and spinach.

Swordtails. Swordtails and platies are a lot alike, sharing the broad range of color and peaceful dispositions. They get their name from the sword-like extension on the tail fin of the male. They also need a neutral ph and hard water in addition to vegetable flakes, like the platies.

Saltwater fish.
Saltwater fish require a somewhat more closer care. They demand more attention than their freshwater counterparts. The water in tank needs to be changed more frequently since some potentially toxic chemicals build up over time. Some of the easiest saltwater fish to care for can live off eating freshwater fish like guppies and goldfish.

Damsel fish. These fish have a near rainbow of color from deep blue to vibrant shades of orange. Damsel fish can’t live with just any other type of saltwater fish. They are aggressive by nature and could cause problems with the wrong types of fish. Typically, damsel fish feed on algae and plankton but would enjoy fresh foods.

Lion fish. These fish have long flowing fins and unique faces. With other fish of their size Lion fish are peaceful. With fish of a smaller size they are predators. Lion fish enjoy a live diet consisting mainly of guppies and goldfish. Handle these magnificent fish with care for they have venomous spines.