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You've chosen to buy fish as pets, but aren't quite sure which ones to get once you get the store. It's an important decision because, while fish at first glance appear to be simple creatures to care for, there are many fish that can actually be too much for many beginners to handle.

What are some good fish for beginners?

** Betas: This species is one of the few types of fish that actually enjoys living in bowls. So if you know you don't have space for a large aquarium, betas are one type you should consider. Betas are colorful fish and have long graceful fins.

** Tetras: These fish are easy to care for. They are colorful and enjoy having plenty of other tetras around. One down side to Tetras is that they are known to sometimes carry diseases that only their species can carry. Be sure you buy healthy fish.

** Guppies: Guppies are small fish, and you can house a lot of them in a small space. They're great for children, as they are among the easiest fish to care for. One thing you need to watch out for with guppies, however, is that they breed easily. Once you have a few guppies in your tank or bowl, it won't be long before they'll multiply in number.

What are some bad fish for beginners?

** Mollies: These fish are complex to care for. They require higher pH water levels and warmer water temperatures than most other fish.

** Eels: Eels are creatures that need a lot of space. While they look like they'd be easy to care for, they usually are not. Also, it doesn't take much for an eel to become stressed, and if you don't know what symptoms to look for, it can prove dangerous for your eel.

** Piranhas: Piranhas are complicated to care for and require a lot of space. They eat quite a bit of food, and their food can be expensive. So while it may sound cool to own a piranha, it may not be a good idea for a beginning fish owner.