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Once you have your aquarium completely set up in your home, it is time to decide what fish to put in it. There are many different tropical fish on the market. There are also fish that are good with other fish and ones that are not.

Here are a few tips for choosing fish for your aquarium.

1. I like to purchase my fish at a small pet store instead of a large chain store. The fish seem healthier and most of the time, cheaper. I feel that the pet store fish have been better taken care of.

2. Make sure the fish you choose will interact with each other. Some fish are social and others will kill each other. If you want these aggressive fish, be sure to keep them by themselves.

3. You also need to decide whether you are purchasing fresh or salt water fish. They each require different aquarium set ups.

4. Always pick the fish that seem most active in the tank. You don't want to purchase a sick fish.

5. Don't overcrowd your aquarium. I recommend one fish per gallon of water.

6. Don't purchase small and large fish together. Try to get fish pretty much the same size.

7. When you purchase new fish keep them away from the others a few days to monitor them for diseases.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you when you go to purchase fish for your aquarium. Just keep your aquarium cleaned and filtered properly, and you should have no trouble at all with your fish.