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Step 1
Changing your water:
It is recommended that you change the water in your tank once a week. If you maintain this frequency you only have to change out about ten percent. If you decide to go once a month, take out twenty five percent. Make sure when you put new water in that it matches the pH level of your tank; if it doesn’t, adjust it before putting it in.

Step 2
Pouring water into your tank:
Before pouring the water in, add chemicals that remove chlorine and chloramine from the water. Other products product your fish’s gills, look into any product that can help your fish cope with their environment. When you pour the water in be very gentle and try and pour it down the side of your tank to avoid jarring the fish.

Step 3
Test the waters
No matter how often you change your water, check at least once a week to make sure no dangerous chemicals or pH levels are present. Test kits are available at pet stores that will take care of this.

Step 4
Clean Filters
Every couple of weeks remove your filter and wash it out with cold water.

Step 5
Remove Algae
Make sure to remove algae when your water gets cloudy or it collects. To do so you can use a specific scraping device intended for the purpose, a toothbrush, or some even remove the filter from their tube and use the tube as a vacuum.

Step 6
Daily checks
Take a look at you tank daily so you can remove any potential hazards. Make sure food hasn’t built up at the bottom of the tank, and also if any fish die remove them immediately. Generally, it is relatively easy to maintain a clean and safe environment for your pets at no large inconvenience to you.