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The angelfish is a most colorful creature. He is among the many marine animals that live in the underwater coral reefs.

The angelfish can be found in all parts of the world. They are usually found in tropical or sub tropical oceans. They live among the coral reefs.

There are seventy-two different species of the angelfish. Each a masterpiece of color and style. The blue lipped emperor and the blue angelfish are considered the most colorful of all angelfish. The angelfish with its different shapes, sizes and colors light up the oceans, where they make their home.

The angelfish will travel single or in a small group. They establish their own feeding territories, and are aggressive in defending them against their own kind and others. If others come near, they flaunt themselves, where the intruder knows whose space he is invading. The intruder will usually leave without incident.

The diet of the angelfish varies with each species. Some of the species eat plankton, algae and plants. The larger species eat worms, shrimp and shellfish. Some are known to eat coral polyp, which are tiny animals that live as part of the reef.

Angelfish are known to change sex as they mature. The groups of angelfish consist of one male and his harem of females. When the male dies the strongest, female changes sex, to become the leading male. She or He becomes the defender and fertilizes all the eggs.

When angelfish breed the male and female head toward the surface of it tropical habitat. The female quickly lays eggs and the male fertilizes them. The eggs are left to float out to sea, most do not survive. The eggs, transform into larvae, which when floating locates new coral and attaches itself. They feed from the reef, and develop rapidly.

Angelfish are not an endangered species. Most pollution in some of their habitats could cause decreasing populations.