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Training is another vital part of raising a happy and healthy dog. All dogs should be trained to walk on a leash and be housebroken. Some people prefer housebreaking a puppy by training it to urinate and defecate on newspapers, which are laid flat in a small area such as foyer. The puppy is rewarded each time it voids on the paper, then the newspaper area is gradually reduced and finally eliminated altogether. Crate training, in which a dog is confined to a crate for limited periods, is more effective because dogs will avoid soiling their own living quarters. Whichever method is chosen, housebreaking should begin as soon as a puppy comes home with its new owner, who should provide the puppy with frequent opportunities to urinate and defecate outside. In general, pups are not completely housebroken until they are at least 12 weeks old.

Some suggestion to train your puppy:

Don't encourage a puppy to chew on facsimiles of valued objects. You can't expect it to tell an old shoe from a new one.

Never place your hand or finger in a puppy's mouth when playing. That biting might seem cute today, but you won't enjoy it in the future.

Allow your puppy to climb and jump on you when you're seated on the floor. If you let it jump on you when you're in a chair, you're teaching it to sit on furniture.

Never encourage a puppy to bark on command. This can lead to excessive barking and a dog that "talks back."

Puppies become bored and anxious easily. If you leave them alone too long and too often, you must expect destructive behavior.

Praise the puppy when it's good. Treat bad behavior with a stern "no" and a shaking or a harsh noisemaker. Physical abuse will teach a dog only fear.