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Raising a Siberian Husky takes a lot of dedication, love and patience. They are a highly intelligent, extremely tolerant animal and therefore need extra attention and training. Many people choose Siberians because they are beautiful and realize too late that they require more dedication and care than most people have available. Siberians are a very high strung and playful dog making them great for children. They tend to be a little rough, but are also protective of things they cherish.

One downfall to Siberians is there instinct to run and because of this they must never be without a leash. There instinct to run is so great that no amount of training will can break them of it. They must be in a fenced in yard, and even then will dig there way to freedom. They will leap onto chairs and tables to jump a fence. They are very quick and will sneak through a crack in an open door. Siberians main focus is running and the freedom they possess when they are running.

Another factor to consider when choosing a Siberian is there dominant attitude. Siberians are not well liked by other dogs because of their nosy demeanor and playfulness. Many dogs feel threatened around Siberians and become defensive. Siberians are friendly, curious animals and can be threatening to a timid dog.

Siberians are also finicky eaters. Rarely will you see a Siberian Husky that is overweight. This is primarily because Siberians were once wild and ate only rarely. Siberians do not have huge appetites and only eat when ravishingly hungry.

Overall, Siberians are a great addition to the family if you can devote the time needed to have an obedient dog. Siberians will be forever faithful and friendly pet if the dedication is met. They have no major health issues or breed problems so overall they are a healthy animal. If you feel up to the challenge of a Siberian Husky, I highly recommend one. They will be your life mate and confidant!!