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Saint Bernard’s are our noble friends, they are powerful, tall figured, muscular, strong in every part, and have powerful heads with intelligent expressions. Dogs of giant size were used as guides to help travelers.

These dogs perished many times in snow storms thriving to save lives. The nose on these dogs can scent a person up to eight feet under the snow. In 1774 the first record of life saving work was done by a saint Bernard at the Hospice in the Swiss Alps. Barry was the most famous Saint Bernard he was credited for saving forty lives.

Saints are loyal companions, and are generally good with children, if the children conduct themselves properly. They would love to be friends with everyone even though their size, and deep bark discourage most.

Saint Bernard’s are most awkward between the ages of 8-14 months of age, and they go through growth stages and spurts. The adult male at full maturity will weigh between 150 and 180 pounds, but some can reach 200 pounds. The female weigh between 130 and 160 pounds.

These dogs should be trained as puppies as it is easier to train a puppy than to train a 150 pound dog. The trainer must be gentle, patient, firm, but yet consistent. Everyone involved should be calm and rested. Saints have the desire to please their master.

The diet of a Saint should consist of :
- proteins
- fats
- minerals
- vitamins
- water

There are numerous reasons why NOT to buy a Saint Bernard here are a few:
- If you are attracted to the breed chiefly by its appearance
- if you are unwilling to share your house and life with the dog
- if you don’t intend to train the dog
- if you lack leadership personality
-If you don’t value laid-back companionship and calm affection
- if you are fastidious about your home
- if you find drool totally repellent
- if you dislike regular grooming
- if you dislike daily exercise
- if you believe dogs should run free
- if you cannot afford to buy feed, or provide health care
- if you want a ferocious attack dog
- if you are not willing to commit for life to the dog

There is a long list of famous Saint Bernard’s, here are just a few:

- Bernice = infamous beanie baby
- Beethoven
- Big Dog = has a line of clothes
- Barbie and Saint
- Tom and Saint = Tom and Jerry cartoon
- Cujo
- Old Gold Cig Saint
- Mijo = saved his drowning owner
- Grizzly Bear = saved owner from a grizzly bear
- Nana = Peter Pan Disney cartoon
- Saint = coolidge dog playing poker
- Suchard Chocolate Saint
- Barry = rescued 40 people in Switzerland
- Dreyfuss = empty nest saint