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The Rottweiler is a handsome, useful, working dog whose substance and power radiate strength. With its massive head, broad shoulders and strong jaws, the breed is a symbol of intelligence and capability. His fearlessness shows that the Rottweiler's bloodline has a history of importance and confidence.

The ancestors of the Rottweiler were believed to have been guard dogs for the ancient Roman army. They had the important task of guarding prisoners and making sure nothing happened to the cattle, which was the only source of food for the soldiers.

The story of the Rottweiler began when the Romans left some of their dogs behind as they left the district of Rottweil in southern Germany. The breed continued to work with cattle and picked up the name Rottweiler after the district they lived in.

The breed almost died out when the railroads began to transport cattle, leaving the dogs without work. A few remained as pets, but not nearly enough to continue the breed.

When the northern part of Germany became interested in the Rottweiler, it was because of their history of police work. So the breed began to flourish once again.

Rottweilers began to be shipped to America and Great Britain, therefore expanding their breed world-wide. They were trained for many duties, but were mostly kept as pets. These loyal animals have proved to be excellent watchdogs, guarding both the family and their belongings. Based on their characteristics, the Rottweiler has become one of the world's favorite pets.