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Nothing is more disgusting and distressing to both canine and human alike than the pungent fragrance of fresh skunk spray wafting off pet fur.

While the oft-recommended beer and tomato juice baths may well work to remove the odiferous aromas from your chagrined four legged friend, there is a much easier potion comprised of ingredients you probably already have in stock in the kitchen.

All measurements are approximate. This is not an exact science, and speed, not perfection, is of the essence.

You will need:

Distilled white vinegar
Baking soda
Dish detergent
A large pot or bucket-like container. (Think deep!)

If you can stand the skunk stench inside the home for a day or two, try to give your pooch the bath in a shower or bath tub. The warm water will not only help make the deodorizing more effective, it will also make it more comfortable for your pet. Otherwise, the outdoor hose and cold water will suffice.

Place the deep container in the tub or shower to make the clean up easier on yourself. The ingredients have a tendency to bubble and foam up over the pot and onto the floor...often!

Pour a half gallon of distilled white vinegar into the container for a medium (35-50 pounds) sized dog, and use more or less accordingly. (While you may also use hydrogen peroxide, it can fade and discolor the animal's coat.)

Add 1/4 cup of baking soda to the vinegar along with a tablespoon of dish detergent or shampoo. Do NOT dilute the solution with water.

Pour the mixture over the animal, being careful to keep it out of the eye area. Wear gloves and apply the solution by hand over the face region if it was also the target of the spray. Let your friend sit there for a full minute or two ruminating on the error of its ways.

Rinse the coat with warm water and follow up with a bath using whatever dog shampoo (baby, or adult human) you have on hand.

Unless your fur friend alienated a whole family of skunk, one application should suffice.