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Sultan was a German Shepherd dog that my wife and I had bought from a friend. Since it was a long journey back home, my wife still has fond memories of him vomiting on her. Probably it is a feeling of yearning for Sultan, posthumously. Sultan died in a road accident but his death left behind a trail of inexplicable animal behaviour, especially of dogs as pets.

The question that haunts the entire family to date is, do pet dogs possess special powers to sense danger to their master? Do dogs take the outcome of the threat to the master upon themselves?

My father had dozed off while driving his new car, and an oncoming state transport bus smashed onto his car head-on. My father survived the accident, getting off without even a scratch. A day later on returning from his morning walk, which Sultan so enthusiastically accompaniend him, my father told me that Sultan had died in a road accident, coming under a state transport bus. Sultan had been crushed under the bus as he ran chasing a stray dog out of the farm.
One of our family friends who had come to inquire about my father's welfare told us “that Sultan had taken the entire happening on himself.” He said, “there is an old myth in India that dogs take the suffering of their master upon themselves.” What he was saying was unbelievable. Do dogs have Psi? Suddenly memory rewound five years backwards. Fluffy, a spitz, flashed in my mind.

What this gentleman was saying was absolutely true!

I was involved in a car accident about five years ago when my Maruti-Suzuki car had rolled down a gorge of about two thousand feet. I had a miraculous escape because, as luck would have, it my car, after going off the cliff, stopped on the road below. I had spent the entire chilly night in the car with one shoulder hanging. Passers-by took me to hospital the next day.

Fluffy had mysteriously disappeared from the house after a couple of days of the accident. Had she taken the curse on herself and given me a new lease of life, my mind wandered?
I think the answer is yes because if somebody had pointed this out to me when Fluffy had disappeared, I would have shrugged it off as a coincidence, but Sultan, in his death removed all doubts. And in our house, Sultan and Fluffy will remain martyrs forever.