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No dog is immune to disease. If you've owned your dog since it was a tiny puppy, you've already had it undergo a series of shots to try to keep it from acquiring harmful viruses and bacteria. And believe it or not, some dogs are more susceptible to certain diseases than others.
When you go to visit your veterinarian, you might want to ask him or her about the common diseases for your particular breed of dog. You need to be prepared for what's ahead and you want to provide your dog with as much immunity to these diseases as possible. Your vet will likely give your dog the necessary shots to keep it healthy for many of these potential illnesses, but you have a right and a need as a responsible pet owner to know what may lie ahead.
In addition, knowing what diseases are common in particular breeds can help you and your vet determine what a particular illness might be. If you know what the symptoms are for the illnesses that are most common in your breed of dog, you can better diagnose your pet and catch the illness before it becomes severe. Knowing the common illnesses help you keep your dog healthy.
Here are some common dog breeds and the illnesses that are typically associated with them. Some of these illnesses are found mainly when the dog reaches an older age; others of these illnesses can occur at any point throughout the dog's life.

• Poodle. These dogs are known to get spinal deformities, short limbs, skin allergies, nervous system defects, epilepsy, and collapsed trachea.
• German shepherd. These dogs are known to acquire epilepsy, kidney disease, cataracts, hemophilia, and bladder stones.
• Collie. These dogs are known to get epilepsy, deafness, hernias, and hemophilia.
• Cocker spaniel. These dogs are known to get hemophilia, spinal deformities, kidney problems, and cataracts.
• Labrador retriever. These dogs commonly get bladder stones, cataracts, and hemophilia.
• Dachshund. These dogs are known to acquire diabetes, spinal deformities, bladder stones, and diabetes.