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Man's best friend. If it doesn't use your favorite shoes as a litter box, or your bed… How do you housetrain your new puppy, or dog? It's actually relatively simple, remember that if the dog does not automatically comply, it is not being obstinate, yet simply does not understand. First thing is to bond with the puppy, let it know that you love it. Feed the puppy, pet the puppy, hold and cuddle him. Now, every thirty minutes take him to the designated "litter box", and make him stay there. The designated litter box could be a number of different things: kitty litter, newspaper, puppy pads, or even a patch outside.

If the puppy pees in the designated place when you put him there, reinforce him with food, if he doesn't, after two minutes allow him to leave. Continue this till the dog actually uses the litter box at least once, then the frequency of you taking him there can be decreased. If the dog has an accident in an undesired location, lightly beat him with a rolled up newspaper (not painfully, just to make noise, beating the ground behind him is just as effective.) Then take the dog to the designated place and make him stay there.

For the first month or two it is important to try to reinforce the dog with food as often as possible when he uses the designated location. If the dog is slow to catch on, purchase "fake pee". This is a solution that has a urea odor, and you can pour onto the newspaper or puppy pad. Then the dog will associate the location with that smell and possibly mark it his own.

The whole principle behind this strategy is luck. If you get the dog to use the location even once, the hard part is over. The dog isn't refusing to comply to be mean, but simply because he doesn't know what to use these weird things on the ground for. Are they a bed, or a toilet?

Meat is the best reinforcer, hot-dog, ham, chicken, or even beef. Small chunks are just as reinforcing as large chunks of meat, make sure they are prompt however. If you wish to condition the dog to pee, pick a key word. Now after the dog is litter box trained, when he goes to squat and urinate, say the keyword a few times. If you repeat this frequently, he will urinate on command. This is useful if you go on vacation and wish to bring the litter box.