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When the time comes to house break your new puppy, it takes patience and a lot of love. Many people give up too soon, expecting the dog to know what he is to do the first day or two. Just as in potty training a child, it can take several days of training before your puppy understands what is expected of him.

Your new puppy will need to be taken out approximately every half hour until he begins to see what is expected of him. If he has eaten a meal, he should be taken out when he is finished. Also, taking your dog to the same area in your yard is a good way for him to realize what he is out there for. With lots of praise, your puppy will soon see what he is supposed to be doing.

An indoor dog cage can be a very useful tool in house breaking your puppy. Some people may think it is cruel to cage their pet, when in fact, the dog will think of this cage as his den and will not mind being in it for short periods of time. The dog will want to keep his "den" clean, so it is unlikely that he will have an accident while he is in it. This way, when you cannot watch your pet, he will be ready to go outside when you are ready to take him out. Make sure that the dog cage you choose is large enough to accommodate his size when he is fully grown. Your dog should be able to stand up in the cage comfortably. Many of these cages are also approved for air travel and can be useful when transporting your animal to the veterinarian or on other trips.

Dogs respond best to a higher pitched voice. When praising your puppy, speak to him in a friendly, high-pitched tone. When he makes a mistake, a firm "no" is all that is needed. Never strike your dog. Your hands are for praising and petting. Your puppy will finally understand the meaning of no, but it will take a little time.

When accidents do occur, there are many wonderful products on the market to help in cleaning and eliminating odor. Cleaning up properly is very important. If the area is not thoroughly cleaned, your pet may go back to the same spot.

A simple, inexpensive device to help you train your puppy is an aluminum can and a coin. Place a coin in an empty aluminum can, and when your puppy makes a mistake, shake the can while firmly saying no. He will not like the sound, and he will associate it with what he is doing.

So many potentially wonderful pets end up becoming outdoor only pets. Your new puppy is filled with uconditional love. With patience and kindness, you will not only have a dog who is house broken, but a loving pet who is ready to please you in every way he can.