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The puppy looked so cute in the pet shop window you just had to buy it. Now that you have it home you realize (after it has an accident on your new carpet) this cute little puppy isn’t house broken, and it’s up to you to remedy the problem. So what do you do? Don’t worry there is hope! With a few simple guidelines and some patience you will be able to housebreak your new puppy with little trouble.

First let’s review some essential house breaking facts.
1.) Puppies have limited bladder control.
2.) Dogs and puppies like to be clean and sleep in a clean environment.
3.) All dogs perform best when kept on a routine schedule.
4.) Puppies have to relieve themselves when they wake up in the morning or after a nap, within ½ hour after eating and before they go to sleep.

With that in mind let’s discuss a method of housebreaking your puppy. The first thing you will need is a cage. Yes, I said cage. Don’t feel guilty about putting your puppy in a cage. Actually, it is the most humane way that I’ve seen to housebreak pets. Make sure there is nothing lining the bottom of the cage. Dogs are territorial and if you make your puppy too comfortable before it’s housebroken it will defecate on one side of the cage and sleep on the other.

If all this sounds too simple, it is. Housebreaking your pet is about training yourself as much as your puppy. You have to establish a routine and stick to it. You will never succeed if you’re lazy with your responsibilities. So, ready or not here we go. When you wake up in the mornings immediately put your puppy on a leash and take him outside. It may take awhile for him to go, but when he is finished put him right back in his cage. His reward will be his morning feeding. Put his food and water next to the cage and allow him to eat as much as he wants for about twenty minutes. Then, either play with him for twenty or thirty minutes or put him in the cage for that amount of time while you get ready for work, school, etc. Right before you get ready to leave take him out to the same spot one more time, and praise him when he goes. Then, put him back in his cage kiss him goodbye and go do your thing. He will be fine until you get back.

When you arrive back home your puppy will be happy to see you. Unfortunately this loosens up his bowels. So put his leash back on him and take him to back to the same spot as before, remembering to praise him when he goes. Finally, never leave your puppy unattended because this invites accidents. Following these guidelines, and putting your puppy back in his cage when you are through playing with him will ensure a happy and healthy relationship between you and your pet.