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The German Shepherd is the result of a study to produce a dog that excelled in jobs requiring courage, atheleticism, and intelligence. Over the years, German Shepherds have made excellent police dogs, watch dogs, wonderful family pets, and fearless companions and gaurdians.


Whatever its job, the German Shepherd is always intent upon its work. They are an utterly devoted and faithful breed of dog, though supicious and gaurded towards strangers and very protective of their home and owners. The German Shepherd is good around children and other pets, though not very tolerable of other kinds of dogs.


German Shepherds do not require much to keep them happy. They do need daily excercise, and food and water, but beyond that, they don't require much else. German Shepherds can be kept indoors or outside. They are easily house-trained and good animals to keep inside as gaurd animals or just the family pet. You should probably brush your dog's coat once or twice a week.


You do need to get your dog vaccinated and wormed yearly to keep them in top health and strength.

German Shepherds are absolutely wonderful animals. Their intelligence is beyond compare and they make excellent pets. I, personally, own three and I would not trade them for anything. They gaurd our home explicitly and always warn of visitors or intruders. Just having them around makes me feel safer and I would definitely recommend that you get one for your family today!