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The German shepherd dog, known as the Alsatian in Britain, is one of the most widely known and popular breeds of pure-bred dogs in the world.

For 14 years, until displaced by the Doberman pinscher in 1977, the breed was the second most popular--after the poodle--in the United States. The breed is a descendant of earlier German herding and farm dogs. Today's German shepherd was developed in the latter part of the 19th century by methodical breeding.

German shepherds are commonly selected to be army dogs, police dogs, or guide dogs for the blind. They are medium-size, powerful animals. Males can be up to 65 cm (26 in) high at the shoulder; females are slightly smaller. Most colours are permissible, but a white dog is disqualified for show purposes.

A German Shepherd is not for everyone. They shed-a LOT!- and they are VERY people oriented, very dependent dogs. They were bred to be service dogs, which means they need that close association with humans, they need to bond with their families, they NEED to be needed. If you can't devote that much time to a dog, then don't get a German Shepherd.

If you want a dog that won't bother you, don't get a German Shepherd. If you want a dog to stay tied in the back yard...think about another breed, ‘cause the German Shepherd is not it! A German Shepherd does best when inside with the family, as a PART of the family. The more time you spend with them (well, this is true for any breed!), the more direction you give them with training/obedience, the better they will be. They're very intelligent dogs...and as such, they become bored easily. Keep them busy learning new things, and exercising their minds as well as their bodies, and you'll have a wonderful companion.

They resemble a wolf, because they are a breed of a wolf and a dog. They can be of many colours such as black, black and brown, brown and white. The most commonly seen are black and brown.

They are very intelligent dogs as they are one of the best companions of policemen, detectives, dog lovers and most of all ordinary people. These dogs have very strong smell power, and for this any police department is incomplete without them. For this and other number of qualities they are used as k-9 dogs in America and most of the Europe.