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It's ok to admit that you might need a little help when training your dog. Whether you'd like your pup to learn how to play dead, or if you just want it to obey you once in awhile, a professional trainer can make the task of training your dog much easier.

What do you need to know about dog trainers?
Professional trainers are lovers of all dogs and each has his or her own way of communicating with them. There is really no standardized procedure for training dogs, so you'll want to sneak a peek at how each trainer conducts their classroom. It's a good idea to talk with the pet owners that have been through the training classes before. Ask the owners how they feel about the trainer, and find out if the classes were worth the time and money.

How do you choose a good dog trainer?
A good dog trainer treats the dogs as well as their owners with respect. Classes should be conducted in a positive atmosphere. Nobody wants to attend a class where screaming is the most effective manner of communicating. Ask to sit in on the trainer's classes and observe how everyone feels at the end of the session. It's important to see that
owners feel that their dogs are making progress each time they come to class.

Finally, before hiring a trainer you should ask them:
- What training background do they have?
- When did they last attend a dog-training seminar?
- What will your dog be able to achieve after the classes?
- What is expected of you during the sessions?
- How does the trainer work with a dog that is not learning from the classes?
- Ask to see the trainer's dog. Is it as obedient as you'd like your dog to be?