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As your dog grows older, he may become less tolerant to stress around him. He may seem moody or even hostile at times, but this is just because his aging body cannot react as easily to changes around him. You will want to try and eliminate as many stress factors in your senior dog’s life to keep him happy and healthy.

What are some signs that my dog is stressed out?
* He may act strangely, that is in a way that is atypical for him
* Weight loss or weight gain
* Snapping or growling for no apparent reason

What can cause stress to the older dog?
* new pets
* new children or other family members
* weather changes, especially cold weather
* frequent traveling in the car

How can I keep my dog happy and stress free?
* Make sure he is comfortable. Keep him cool in the summer and warm in winter.
* Keep his routine consistent and try not to vary his activities too much.
* Give him plenty of affection
* Take a lot of bathroom and walking breaks on long car trips.
* Make sure he gets enough water to drink during car trips as well.
* In the even that you bring another pet home, spend plenty of time with your old dog as well. Giving him extra attention will keep him from feeling neglected.