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If you like to run, play volleyball, bike, or swim with your dog, you want a dog that really enjoys these activities as well. Not every breed is right for this type of activity, but there are some breeds that thrive on being active. These breeds in their younger years don't ever seem to tire. They live to run and run to live.

• Boxer. These dogs are very outgoing. They thrive around people and are ready to play at a moment's notice. Boxers will run alongside you and they love to swim. One main thing you need to be aware of about boxers is they're prone to drooling and snoring.
• English Cocker Spaniels. These dogs are a thrill for active people. Cockers are playful all the time and are ready to go for a run with children or active adults. These dogs generally have long hair and needs some grooming. But they make great pets for those who enjoy the outdoors.
• Greyhound. These are some of the largest dogs, and they are quite athletic. If you like to run, a greyhound might be right for you. They aren't the smartest of dogs, but they require a lot of activity to keep their large muscles active and invigorated. They can weigh nearly 100 pounds. One thing you need to know about greyhounds is that they are easily upset by sudden jerking movements or by sudden shifts in direction. So you need to be careful with them.
• Terrier. These dogs are ready to go from the moment they wake in the morning till the second their head hits the floor for a night's sleep. Terriers typically need some training, but they are gentle animals. Terriers love to play, so if you get one, be ready for a lot of activity.