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What are some causes of incontinence?
Incontinence is basically a condition, seen mostly in older dogs, in which the dog will urinate or merely dribble urine uncontrollably. It isn't always a result of old age. Some breeds of dog react to spaying with incontinence. However, incontinence can afflict older dogs regardless. It is important to take your dog to the vet as soon as you notice the signs. An untreated urinary or bladder infection can turn into an even more serious health condition.

What can be used to treat incontinence?
You can go one of two routes: prescribed drugs or herbal remedies. With the prescribed drugs you have the veterinarian deciding how to alleviate the problem. However, the herbal route may be a bit safer, much cheaper, and may have benefits. If you go to the vet for prescription drugs, he will likely prescribe Phenylproanolamine or Diethylstilbesterol. Keep in mind there is a small possibility of delayed harmful effects associated with these two drugs.
The herbal remedy consists of basically cornsilk. You will want to give your dog fresh cornsilk, not dried, from any health food store, or you can grow it. You can even make an herbal cocktail consisting of cornsilk, couchgrass and echinancea. This combination will help to alleviate the inflammation and infection of the urinary tract. You may be able to get this combination in capsule form. Most herbal remedies are offered in capsules or tablets. A dog should only be given half of the recommended human dosage which may fluctuate with the size of the dog. With these changes in age, there will arise certain conditions that need to be treated promptly and effectively.