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Trimming your dog’s nails can be quite a chore, as your canine doesn’t like to have their paws touched. Over a period, through positive reinforcement, you will be able to trim your dog’s nails as well as touch and hold their paws. You will need a lot of love, patience, time and dog snacks to accomplish this task.

Step One: Acquaint your animal with gentle human touch. Stroke the top of their feet and be prepared for them to move their paw away. Once you touch the paw, tell your dog how good they are and give them a reward. Repeat this process until the dog no longer moves his paw away. Once this is accomplished, you are ready for the next step.

Step Two: Lightly grasp your dog’s paw for a very limited time. If they struggle to remove their paw, let them. Praise them verbally as well as with a dog snack. Repeat this until you are able to hold your animal’s paw for approximately five minutes. Once this is accomplished, you are ready to start clipping their nails.

Step Three: Before clipping your canine’s nails, first let them acquaint themselves with the nail clippers so they won’t be afraid of it. Once they are finished sniffing the object, slowly roll your dog over on their back or side with the paw you are going to clip in your hand. Hold this close to you, as you will need to see their cuticle clearly. Slowly pick up the nail clippers and clip only one nail. Praise your dog immediately and give them a dog snack. Only clip one nail a day and by the end of five days, you will have a paw clipped. Remember to always speak softly in a firm voice to your canine. Over a period of time, you will be able to increase clipping two nails at a time building your way up to clipping one paw a day. Once you have accomplished the one paw a day task for a couple of weeks, progress to clipping the nails on two paws and repeat this process until you are able to clip all four paws in one day.

Remember to always praise your canine and reward them with a doggie snack each and every time you clip their nails. Always make it a positive and winning experience for them.