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Choosing the right dog to fit your lifestyle and temperament is important. If you live a sedentary life, you don't want a dog that requires a lot of outdoor exercise. If you have an active social life with many friends and visitors, you don't want a highly territorial dog who will threaten your social consorts. You need to answer some
important questions like: How much time are you willing to give a dog in terms of exercise, grooming, and companionship. What kind of dog would best fit into your living situation? Do you live in an apartment? a large country home? an Architectual Digest estate? Do you have children who are willing to take on the responsiblities of caring for a dog? Do you have other pets that might be a problem? All of these questions should be taken into account when purchasing a dog for you and your family, but here are some specific breeds that work well with children.
-Basset Hound: The hound is excellent with children and possesses some great characteristics. They are gentle, sweet, affectionate, stubborn, loyal, and lazy.
-Beagle: The beagle allows for a lot of handling from children. The dog's personality includes being affectionate, intelligent, active, bold, inquisitive, lively, hardy, and clever.
-Bulldog: The bulldog is very good with children, although no roughhousing it is a good family dog. Be wary of strength with small children.
-Golden Retriever: This dog is excellent with children. The love is endless with this dog. A retriever is very reliable, trustworthy, and sociable.
-Irish Setter: The Irish Setter demonstrates characteristics of being affectionate, athletic, mischievious, exuberant, impulsive, excitable,
clownish, impetuous, and friendly. This dog is excellent with young kids.
-Labrador Retriever: This dog might be the best choice for a loving, caring dog for your children. This dog will show affection to anyone who will say his name.
Hopefully these descriptions have helped you in the process of choosing a dog for your family.