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All pet owners love their pets. The one thing that most pet owners don't like is grooming their dogs. You need to learn to do these things on your own. There are professionals that do these things, but it will cost you quite a bit of money. Once you learn it is as easy as any other thing.

Some dogs require very little grooming, while some breeds require a lot. Here are a few things that need to be done to all dogs. These will help them to remain healthy and beautiful.

1. All dogs need regular brushing, especially in the summertime when they are shedding. For some, a biweekly brushing will do. Others need brushing at least every three days. This is essential to keep their coats looking good.

2. All dogs need their nails trimmed at least twice a year. This keeps them from getting long and causing damage. If it is a dog you keep in your home, you might want to have them clipped at least once a month.

3. Dogs need to have their teeth cleaned monthly. They are just like people, this needs to be done to keep their teeth from rotting and their gums from bleeding. Also it gets rid of that awful breath.

4. Small dogs that have a lot of hair around their eyes and rectum need to be trimmed to avoid any problems.

5. Along with the grooming, you need to make sure to give your dog all vaccinations it needs.

6. Keep your dog sprayed to keep fleas and ticks off of it. During the warmer months you need to check your dog to make sure it has no ticks on it. These can cause serious sickness or be life threatening to your dog.

There are many other things that need to be done to keep your dog in top notch shape. It is a lot of work and takes some time, but if you really love your dog, you'll do it. These are basics that need to be done to all dogs. Ask your veterinarian about any special needs your dog might have.