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If you're looking to find the right pet for an older loved one, you don't want one that's going to require a lot of energy or a lot of care. You want one that can provide loyal love and caring with a good personality. In addition, you don't want an animal that will be larger than they are, and cause your loved ones fear.

• Toy poodle. These dogs are smart and they don't require an overabundance of care. They don't shed a lot and their sizes are perfect for older people. They are small (typically under 10 pounds) and require some training, but learn quickly how you want them to behave. Toy poodles love to cuddle with you and they are quite loyal. They know who their owners are and have a lot of love to give.
• Miniature poodle. These dogs don't shed a lot and are fairly smart learners. They do require some training, but they catch on rather quickly. They don't require as much care as other dog breeds because they don't shed and are easily trained. The smaller the poodle is, the faster it tends to learn.
• Yorkshire terrier. These dogs are easy to care for for older people. They like to be picked up and are very small dogs. They generally don't grow much larger than seven pounds. They require a fair amount of grooming, so if your older loved one doesn't have a lot of energy, perhaps this isn't the dog for him or her. They have long silky hair that hangs over the dog's entire body. They are quite lovable dogs and have a lot of love to give for older people.
• Chihuahua. These dogs don't require a lot of grooming, and are therefore, dogs that make great pets for older people who don't have a lot of energy to care for a dog. They have great personalities and are small creatures that don't shed a lot. There are varieties of chihuahuas that don't bark, too. So, despite the tendency of these dogs to be known as yappers, you can get ones that aren't as noisy.