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I have operated a small kennel operation for ten years. The major expense of operating a kennel is the dog food. There is many different dog foods on the market. We all want the best possible feed we can find for our dogs. I used to buy only the premium brand dog foods, but they are quite expensive. A couple of years ago I started using the cheaper store brands of dog food. I found that they are just as good as the premium brands, which you pay up to three times more for.

When shopping around for a cheaper dry dog food, look for one that contains at least 21% protein. This is enough protein to help your dog maintain a healthy coat and keep it in top notch shape. If you read the ingredient list on the back of the bag I think you will find that the cheaper brands contain the same amount of nutrients as the more expensive premium brands.

I think you will be happy with a cheaper dog food. Your dogs will eat it just as well, and it will do the same thing for them as the premium. In the long run you will be able to cut your feed expense in half. I don't suggest using a moist canned dog food though, it does not contain a lot of nutrients. It also is not good for your dog's teeth, like the dry dog food is. The canned dog food may cause tooth decay in your dog.

I hope you will find my information helpful. I know everyone would like to save money on their pet food. You definitely can save a lot of money by using the cheaper brands instead of the premium. It is just as good.