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A dog's healthy condition can best be maintained by a good diet. Falling into sloppy habits may ultimately hurt your dog. Feed the dog what it needs, not what you think it needs!

1// Dry kibble should be your dog's basic food. Kibble should contain at least 22% protein, preferably more for a bigger dog and if your dog has a big appetite.

2// Supplement the kibble with raw meat, preferably tripe or meat fresh frozen specifically for dogs. Meat should not be more than 25% of the dog's diet.

3// Canned meats ot table scraps, although readily available and convenient, are not advised.

4// Two smaller meals are healthier than one larger meal. Puppies up to age four months require three meals a day, with feeding times adhered to strictly-morning, noon and early evening.

5// Give puppies twice-weekly servings of yogurt to restore intestinal flora, and wheat germ for b vitamins.

6// Fresh water-in sufficient quanity-is a must. Change it daily. water may be taken up at ninght, especially during house training.

7// Never cancel a feeding as punishment to your

(Naturally Good food For Dogs)
Just as people need to maintain their diet, so do animals. Putting your dog on a diet and feeding them organic natural food is good.

Lifeplan is a scientific diet to promote good health for your dog: free from all artificial additives, and hypo-allergenic. Lifeplan is probably the best food you can give your dog. It has no artificial flavors, colours and preservatives or salt.

This type of food can be found in the food C0-0p/ organic food market.