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Barking is normal behavior for a dog, but excessive barking can be a real nuisance. Many dog owners give up too soon on their constantly barking dog. There are several methods to stop your dog from barking excessively.

When your dog is still a puppy, don't encourage him to bark. Encouraging your dog to bark at everyday occurrences as a pup will give him the okay to bark at any little sound or occurrence when he is an adult. Teaching him to speak for a treat is a definite mistake. This gives him the idea that barking is a good thing. Don't stop your dog from barking if someone is at your door. You want to be aware that someone is there, in the event that they are an intruder. On the other hand, if your dog is constantly barking, you are more likely to ignore him when there is a real problem.

Dogs bark for many different reasons. Some dogs bark because they are lonely and isolated. Consider getting another dog. Sometimes having a second dog is enough to keep your barking dog occupied. Dogs that are chained up tend to bark more than others. If it is possible, a fence or dog run would give him a little more freedom. If you are away from home a lot, leave a radio or television on so your dog is used to hearing common sounds.

An easy, homemade remedy for your barking dog is simply a spray bottle of water. If your dog is barking for no apparent reason, give him a squirt of water. Don't spray him after the fact. He won't understand what he has done wrong. All you need to do is give him one quick spray while firmly saying, "Quiet". He will soon become conditioned, and when he hears the word again, he will expect to be sprayed with water. Unless your dog really likes water, this method should work. Most dogs don't like to be sprayed in this manner.

Some dog owners have tried battery operated collars and have been successful. These collars contain citronella which squirts the dog when he barks. They can be adjusted to go off after a certain number of barks. If you try this method, and your dog becomes wise to how many barks he is allowed before he is sprayed, adjust the collar often so he doesn't become conditioned to this.

Don't yell or shout at your dog for barking. This will excite him even more, and barking at him is not the way to stop his barking. Dogs are loving, social creatures. With the right training, your dog can be a wonderful, quiet companion.