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I have two Maltese. Both of them are around seven pounds. When I walk them in a park, or the city, they are always the targets of an audience. When I have guests over at the house, the two dogs successfully beg many morsels of food off of the guests. Their tails wag constantly simply as soon as they achieve my eye contact, or a smile. I do not go anywhere without these dogs… vacations, rock climbing (little rocks) or even international flights. If you don’t have a little dog, you might think I’ve gone over the edge, however, if you do have a little dog… you know exactly what I am talking about.

Looking at the psychological phenomenon of “little dog lovers” there are several viewpoints that it can be assessed from. If you were previously a mother, and your children have left the nest, the dog probably brings out your mothering attention once again. You now have a creature that can be the target of all of your attention. If you don’t have children, well the dog takes the place of the children, and receives all the attention that the dog could have had.

Now back to real life. Dogs are simply better than people; all animals are. Truthfully, think about it carefully. Has your dog ever lied to you, cheated on you, left you, or made you cry (other than when he eats your brand new Gucci shoes). Of course he hasn’t, as the saying goes “Man’s best friend.” So true.

So, now that we’ve decided that we have a very good reason for pampering our special little friends, let’s figure out how we can make their attention even more valuable. Make sure that they always have a nice soft place to lay on, that they get plenty of table scraps, and they are never left alone for long periods of time. Talk to your dog, they understand the point you're trying to get across (to some degree) from the tone of your voice and your body language.