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- Exercise your dog. Older dogs should be taken on walks or swims regularly. Once a day is ideal.
- Keep your dog's teeth clean.
- Brush your dog each day. Grooming becomes essential when your dog reaches its older years. The skin and fur on older dogs don't take care of themselves as well as they once did. You should make it part of your daily routine to brush your dog.
- Watch for fleas and ticks. They tend to be attracted to older dogs.
- Trim your dog's nails. When your dog is young, this should be done monthly. It may need to be done more frequently on older dogs, however. Older dogs don't exercise as much as younger dogs, thus, their nails aren't worn down as fast.
- Keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Older dogs in particular feel the extreme temperature changes greatly. Their fur isn't as thick as it once was.
- Keep its daily routines as close to normal as possible. Feed it at the same time, bathe it at the same time, and make sure its feeding dishes are in the same places they've always been. They notice major changes in your routine, and this can cause a great deal of stress.
- Give your older dog a lot of attention. Spend time with your dog each day. Play gently with it. It's important that your older dog always understands that you love it and will always be there for it.

Possibly the most important thing for you to realize as your dog ages is that its needs are changing. It doesn't need you to play roughly with it. The best advice you should heed is to keep its day-to-day life as normal and unchanged as you possibly can.