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If you're looking for a good dog breed to get for your family, you want a dog that will get along well with everyone. You don't want one that likes to fight or bark a lot. You want one that has a gentle demeanor and is fun to play with. Here are some different dog breeds you should consider for your whole family.

• Poodles. These dogs are smart and gentle. Poodles traditionally will let kids do whatever they want. They aren't easily intimidated. Poodles are the most popular breed in the country. They will let your child rest his head on the dog, they'll play with your kids, and your children will have a caring, loyal friend. Poodles can be fairly large in size. Something to keep in mind, however, is that the larger your poodle is, the more exercise they need and the less active they'll want to be. You want to be careful to buy a poodle from a reputable breeder, as puppy mills run rampant with poodles.
• Collies. These dogs are among the most predictable and gentle dogs of all. They won't bite and are easy to train. They naturally have an instinct to please their owners, so the make great pets for the entire family. They do require some grooming, as they typically have long hair. They get along great with kids and can be playful but mild-mannered.
• Golden retrievers. These dogs are some of the most fun animals for kids. They like to play a lot, they're always ready to have fun, and they have great temperaments. Some of their favorite games include playing ball, which enables your child to have a dog with which to play. Golden retrievers also help you teach your children the importance of responsibility. Goldens need to be groomed, as their hair is long.
• Labrador retriever. These dogs are quite friendly animals. They are known for being ready to play at all times, and kids can do just about whatever they want with the lab, and the lab will respond favorably. Any of the black, yellow, and chocolate varieties are great for kids. However, the Chesapeake Bay retriever isn't as good for kids because it is a bit more unpredictable than the other varieties.