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This will tell all about saint bernards their history, the life with a saint, the traits of a saint, famous saints, and reasons not to buy a saint.
All about Saint Bernards their history, the life with a saint, the traits of a saint, famous saints, and reasons not to buy a saint.
Important facts about American Cocker Spaniel dogs: description of the appearance, size, temperament, grooming, health concerns, etc.
Apartment dogs need to be the right breed. What breeds are good for people who live in apartments?
Important facts about Bassett Hounds. Descriptions of the appearance, size, weight, temperament, grooming tips, health concerns, etc.
Important facts about Beagles. Descriptions of the appearance, size, weight, temperament, grooming, health concerns, etc.
The Black Labrador Retriever is one of the most well loved dogs worldwide. Known for its humbling, people loving nature, this breed makes an excellent pet and hunting partner.
If you're an avid camper, there's no reason why the family dog can't join you. Equip yourself and your dog with these guidelines..
Canine pregnancy is an exciting experience. Ease your dog into delivery with these simple steps, and help prevent any complications that may arise.
How can you make your senior dog more comfortable at home? What steps should you take to let your pooch enjoy his later years?
The Cocker Spaniel is one of the most beloved dogs in history. Making it's start in Spain, this dog makes an excellent hunting partner and pet.
Which illnesses are the most common in which dogs? What can you do to best prevent these diseases?
Learn how to teach your bad dog new behavior modification tricks.
Learn to clip your canine's nails through positive reinforcement - without needing someone to hold them down. This is accomplished with patience and doggie snacks.
Description of the appearance, size, weight, temperament, grooming, health concerns and other important facts about Dachshunds.
In India they say that pets,especially dog's get an intution of some curse on their master and they take the happening upon themselves,even if it means death.
A look at some of the requirements of responsible wolf dog hybrid ownership, before you decide if this is really the pet for you.
Why do older dogs have problems getting around? In what ways do they have problems? What can we do to help ease those problems?
There are several control methods to train a dog to stop barking. Excessive barking is a common behavioral problem with dogs.
Bathing your dog is essential to his good health. A regular bath will control fleas and ticks. It's very important to keep him properly groomed.
Try this recipe for homemade dog biscuits. Treat your puppy like a king. An easy, delicious recipe that's better than the bones you get from the butcher.
Keeping your dog healthy has a lot to do with its diet. I will give you advice on the best diet for your dog.
Treat your dog's dry skin with these useful tips.
Dog food comparison between premium and cheap dog food by a kennel owner
Easy instructions for grooming your dog.
Basic dog grooming tips & how to instructions.
What kinds of immunization shots do you need to give your dog? What do the different shots do? Why are they important?
How common is dog incontinence? Does it indicate a more serious health problem? What should pet owners do about it?
Stop paying a groomer five dollars a paw to trim your dog's nails. The simple process can be learned in just minutes.
Dog obedience tips: Teaching your dog to be a well mannered member of the family is simple if you devote a few minutes a day to the task.
Concise article on dog psychology and training
Commercial dog toys can put a hamper on anyone's budget. Learn to make your own toys and save money.
How do you know if a dog trainer truly is good? How do you know what to look for when shopping around for a dog trainer?
Dog training tips! Want your dog to sit, stay, come, and, heel on command? First, you need a dog. Second, you need these easy training tips.
Description of the size, appearance, temperament, grooming, health concerns, and other important information about English Bulldogs.
Important information about German Shepherd Dogs. Description of the appearance, size, temperament, grooming, health concerns, etc.
The German Shepherd is a wonderful dog to own. They make wonderful watch dogs and great pets.
Important facts about Golden Retrievers. Description of the appearance, size, temperament, grooming, health concerns, etc.
Which dogs types make the best pets for senior citizens? Why are they the best pets for older people?
Sound nutrition for your dogs means avoiding supplements, raw meats, chocolates, table scraps, milk etc.
What I have learned from veterinarians about the ingredients in quality dog foods and why they are healthier than the cheaper foods.
A diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia doesn't mean the end of the world for your pooch. Come learn how this disease can be safely treated at home.
Make housebreaking your puppy easier. With some training techniques, housebreaking can be a rewarding experience for you and your dog.
Your new puppy is cute, but that doesn't help when it comes to being housebroken. Some good advice on housebreaking your new puppy.
They’re under twenty pounds their entire life! Like a child that does grow up… we pamper them, love them, and spoil them. Little dogs! What is up with our infatuation?
Learn how to choose a dog. You can find the perfect pup and rescue a deserving animal from the pound.
How should you clean your dog's eyes? Does cleaning its eyes bother your dog? What are some common ailments associated with dirty eyes in dogs?
Learn how to groom your dog like a professional by following these easy steps. You can clip your dog's fur using dog clippers and scissors.
How can you house train a dog or puppy? Whether your using a modified litter box or simply want to have it go outside when it needs to use the bathroom, here is how to proceed:
Tips on raising a puppy and how you can make him or her into a lovable family pet.
A well cared for dog can be happy animal that will protect you with it's own life and fill your days with hours of love and laughter. Learn to how to best care for your dog.
Important facts about Irish Setters. Descriptions of the appearance, size, weight, temperament, grooming, health concerns, etc.
How do you get your dog accustomed to your new baby? How do you let it know that it's not a toy, but a human and needs to be respected and treated gently?
Tips on caring for a new puppy.
When does old age start for dogs? How do you know if your dog is becoming old?
Are senior dogs more susceptible to stress? What factors cause stress? What are the signs of stress? What are the dangers of stress for a senior dog? What should pet owners do to reduce stress?
How to overcome your fear of dogs after being bitten.
If you're in the market for a personal protection dog, which breeds should you consider? What kind of training does a protection dog need?
If you're considering buying a Dalmation puppy, then keep reading. From the day you bring home that little bundle, until the time you have a deliciously spotted creature, all explained here.
Dogs have a distinct canine body language. Watch these interesting, revealing animal behaviors so you can start listening and really bond with your dog.
From herding cattle to performing police work, the Rottweiler has a history of being a loyal breed. But from where does the dog originate?
Train your own sheepdog to help you herd your flock of sheep.
A care guide to raising a Siberian Husky.
A sure-fire, no muss no fuss, white vinegar and baking soda bath recipe to deodorize a pet that has been sprayed by a skunk.
Originating from Spain, the Springer Spaniel is one of the friendliest, energetic dogs around. Perfect as a hunting companion or family pet, this dog loves to please.
Potty training your new puppy can be a difficult task. Crate training your new puppy from the very first night assists in housebreaking.
How to teach your four-legged pal not to pounce on you every time you come through the door.
Which types of dogs are best for people who are highly active? Which dogs like to run? Why do these dogs make great pets for those who are the most active?
Information on the best dogs for kids.
Which pet dogs get along with kids best? Why? What makes these dogs the best pets for kids?
Learn about the wolf-like dog the German Sheperd. Their nature, physique and their qualities are discussed.
The most loved breed of dog in the world, the German Shepherd, can be a wonderful addition to any family. This diverse dog is noble, protective and needs lots of attention.
The beautiful Chow, Chinese lion dog with the indigo mouth; is this the breed for you? Research traits, breeders, and what to expect!
How to apply psychological principles to training your dog to sit, come, stay, lay down or roll-over? There are special mechanisms which work wonderfully.
Training a new puppy will prevent bad behavior and ensure that he will be obedient in all situations. Housetraining, grooming, voice commands, and handling are discussed.
All puppies need to be trained, the earlier that they are trained the faster they will learn. Here are guidelines fortraining your puppy.
A brief guide to travel with your dog on the highways America. You can easily be on the road with your canine best friend.
Tear stains are a common problem in small breed dogs, such as the Maltese. Once you've found the trigger though, it's not hard to lose these reddish brown stains.
A guide to trimming your dogs overgrown nails.
Examination of how breed names relating to dogs originated
Spondylitis can cause severe pain in dogs. Learn the early warning signs and what you can do to help stop this condition in its tracks.