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When your cat has its first litter, these are things that you need to know about, in case this happens to you, as it did to my cats, first litter. One of my cats name is, Snowflake. She is
one year old. This was her first time having kittens, but she only had one. She didn't have a hard time having it, and she started taking very good care of it, by nursing the kitten right away.
Snowflake wanted to stay close to me while she nursed her kitten, so they both stayed in my bedroom, on top of my bed. Snowflake didn't want to be anywhere else, not even in any box. So, i let them stay on my bed while she nursed. I kept a very good eye on them both, and for three days everything was going fine, the kitten was a boy, and getting bigger. Everything looked fine, until the fourth day, the kitten started crying. I couldn't figure out what could be wrong. Then the
second day of the kitten crying, while Snowflake was trying to nurse it, i noticed that it looked like the kitten wasn't getting any milk from her.
I also noticed that on Snowflake that all her milk was dried up, except on that one nipple, where her kitten had been nursing on. This is when
i thought about, well maybe that one nipple the kitten isn't getting any milk, or enough milk out
from it. So the third day, this is when i decided
to take the kitten along with Snowflake to the
Veternarian. Once i got them both there, the Veternarian checked over the kitten, and said; yes the kitten is really dehydrated; that you need to purchase a milk replacer for your kitten called:KMR. It is a 8 FL.OZ Can, cost was: $3.99
per can. Depending on what pet store you go too.
The Veternarian said, purchase this milk, along with some syringe needles he had given me, but stated to take the needles out first of course, then fill up the syringe with this type of milk
right away once you get this kitten home, and give
as much milk to the kitten as it will consume at
one time, and give it as often as the kitten will
take it, until this kitten gets better. The Veternarian also gave the kitten a shot under its
skin on the back part of its neck, to help give it
some fluids in its body, he stated that this will
help give the kitten some fluids, and make
the kitten more relaxed, stop it from crying so much. The veternarian said he couldn't put an IV
in the kitten, for the kitten is too small, and he
would not be able to put a needle into its small
veins. This kitten was almost gone by the time i
taken it to the Vet, i had waited too long. Don't wait until your cats kitten cries for three days.
If you notice any of your cats first litter of kittens, or one kitten crying for one whole day, take the kittens to the Veternarian, for it needs
your help, and the shot will help. But if you don't wait as long as i did, then you can go to the Petstore and purchase that brand of milk, or
any kind of kitten milk replacer, and empty syringes, or even an eye dropper to start feeding
the kitten as quickley as possible. Snowflakes kitten didn't make it, so I'm telling this story
so you will know if this happens to your cats first kitten, or kittens; so you will not make the same mistake as i did, and you can save your cats kittens life.