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Cats are often seen as proud and unapproachable. They are unlike dogs which are friendly and socialable animals. Cats are instinctively independent which explains the myth that cats are proud. Cats have interesting personalities which are seen when they use their " cat language " to communicate with their owners.

Cats are perceived as evil because of their sly looks. Their eyes have narrow pupils which give them a disdainful, evil look. In truth, it is for practical reasons that their eyes have narrowed pupils. This serves to protect the eyes from the bright daylight. After twilight, the cat's pupils dilate to enable it to see better in the dark.

Cats are often misunderstood as being dirty animals because they dislike bathing in water. Cats prefer to " dryclean " themselves by licking and grooming themselves. They dislike water because they have no use for it. However, owners who are particular can give their cats regular baths and towel them dry. cats are cleaner animals than dogs as they are easier to toilet train. They also have the instinctive ability to cover their own droppings.

Another reason why people are biased against cats for their dirtiness is because cats can spread the disease called Toxoplasmosis. An infected cat passes droppings with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii which is transmitted to others through contact. Generally, everyone has to wash their hands with soap after touching any cat. This parasite may cause fever in some people but usually the body's immune system can overcome it. This disease is dangerous for pregnant women as the fetus is unable to fight the parasite. Kids are susceptible to parasites and must be reminded to wash their hands with soap after touching any cat or kitten.

Many authors and cartoonists portray the cat as an evil character. They perpetuate the myth of the evil cat. Cats can be found everywhere so whenever something bad khappens, it is very convenient to blame it on a cat seen around the vicinity. It is a superstition that a black cat brings bad luck. Many people are afraid of these black cats. However, there are some cat owners who buy special pedigree breeds in te color black because black looks sleek, smooth and sophiscated.

Some people think that cats will scratch and attack babies because the cats are naturally evil animals. Actually, the cat feels threatened by the arrival of the new baby and it is just protecting its territorial rights. To overcome this, the owner should introduce the new baby to the cat and familiarize it with the baby.

Cats are graceful animals and the myths do not do them justice.