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Bruce Springsteen. My local radio station was running a contest. Answer a trivia question about the boss and be entered to win a trip to Los Angeles. I knew I could get the trivia question but being lucky enough to win the trip? I answered the question and won a cd but a week later I won the trip! I traveled first class from Florida to California and attended the show that night.

All contestant winners from around the country were taken into Hollywood to a sound stage in secret to prevent mayhem. I was able to find Bruce’s wife Patti before the show and speak with her. I wished her and Bruce a happy anniversary and let her know that my son’s name was chosen from their son’s name--Evan.

Bruce chatted with the winners for about an hour before the show while tuning his guitar. Bruce played from his Lucky Town and Human Touch albums as well as some other requests from us. He did stay after the hour and a half show for an additional hour just for the contestant winners.

After the show, Bruce sat down and met with each of us and autographed anything he was asked to. When he got to me and I told him my name, he knew who I was. Patti had told him about me. He thought it was great I had named my son after his and that I had remembered their wedding anniversary. The silver chain I had given Patti she wore on stage during the show. I gave one to Bruce also which I have seen him wear from time to time. The last time being on a vh-1 special.

Bruce autographed my lucky town cd cover as well as my son Evans baby picture. Which is framed and hanging on my wall. Bruce thanked me for the gift and for being nice to Patti and then he kissed me.

Not only is Bruce a great performer; he is a nice guy. A man that cares about the people around him. Meeting the rock and roll hall of famer from New Jersey was a once in a life time lucky chance. Bruce Springsteen is truly the boss.