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Moon Stone is a female artist who resides on the island of Malta. She was born in the US and raised in New York City before moving to the island in the Mediterranean. She says she was always interested in music, which is why she spent so many hours teaching herself how to play on keyboards.

Moon Stone's preferred style of music is metal and doom. She plays mostly instrumental pieces; melodic doom with sad undertones. Moon Stone is also a lyricist and is planning to put her lyrics to music in the coming months. She says that what drove her to compose music was her own feelings and emotions and she uses music as a way to express herself. Sometimes she also plays with the male artist JPG (guitarist), also from Malta.

Moon Stone has plans of releasing an album called Memories which will contain her instrumental works and another album called Into The Darkness containing vocals as well as instrumental pieces. The first one should be out during late summer or early autumn 2000. No date has been set yet for the second album. Both albums should be available for sale over the internet so look out for them.