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Led Zepplin: thought by most as the biggest influence on modern rock as we know it. Even if you don't agree, it can be said that they helped to shape the face of music as we know it. The impact they left has paved the way for many bands after it, including some of today's biggest names.

As they still contine to influence musicians today, it has become apparent that another band has become the new major influence on modern rock. Their name: Metallica.

Since their beginings in Los Angeles, passing demo tapes to their friends and at other shows, to their release of what I think is the greatest album of all time, S&M(Symphony & Metallica), the band has left a legacy behind them that has set the stage for other bands.

Led Zepplin's music was new and fresh upon their first release. It was unlike anything that the public had before. It was loud, distorted and flamboyant. It set the mold for rock to come, and was thought by most to be the birth of metal.

Metallica on the other hand, was also unlike anything that the public had heard. In a sea of metal bands, they proved themselves to be above the rest; their music was faster and heavier, it was darker and more meaningful.It was from the heart, and they played with all their energy.

Led Zepplin was well known for their live performances. In fact, when the Greatful Dead stopped touring, many of the dead-heads started following Led Zepplin's tour, hearing boasts that it was a different show everynight. It was always a high energy show.

Metallica is known for the same: a intense high energy show. After much touring, they began to love playing live. It became their calling card. Still to this day, they sell out shows everyhwere they go. The fans are die hard, and as each new album is released, it quickly goes the way as the many albums before it; straight to platinum.

So just as Led Zepplin set the stage for metal and rock bands to come, Metallica, in their own right, have done the same. They changed the face of music for decades to come. With the release of the Symphony & Metallica album, many Metallica fans, inlcuding myself, find themselves asking the question, "Now that Metallica has played with a Symphony, what else can they do?" The answering: anything.