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For the beginning musician, the guitar is often the instrument of choice. Nearly every genre of music involves the guitar to some extent. It has served as an instrument of unparalelled expressive qualities, a modest accompaniment to folk ballads, and the vehicle of revolution. However, generally more important to the beginning musician is this simple fact: Women dig guitarists. Really. I don't know why, and for the sake of the paper, I won't claim to know why. Surmises have been assumed, and quietly articulated across the scope of my hearing. I'll make no judgement as to whether this mysterious power is due to the archetypal notion of the chivalric serenader, or to perhaps the phallic symbol that the guitar represents. Accordingly, I in know way wish to push the aspiring guitarist into a particular genre of music, especially if this "push" is caused by a certain guitar "theory".

The beginning guitarist should approach his subject with an open palate for sounds, thus unbiased by the "wooing" impulse he becomes free to create music other than the soundtrack to a romantic comedy. Now, the instructions. You have, on your guitar six strings. They are called in descending order, E,A,D,G,B,E. Eureka! Now, using your newly found knowledge of strings, you will learn three chords. A chord is simply a strum of the guitar, while fretting three or more strings. There are a nearly infinite array of chords, most sound pretty nasty.

There are however, three chords which form the backbone of most music, and lucky for your not yet so nimble fingers, they're quite easy to play. These chords are: the E chord, the A chord, and the D chord. To play the E chord, simply fret the A and G strings at the second fret,then fret the D string at the first fret. Now strum. To play the A chord, fret the A,G,and D strings at the second fret. Now strum. To play the D chord, fret the D and E strings at the second fret and fret the B string at the third fret.

There you have it; this is the simple progression that is inherent in most Western music. Now, run along and serenade your girlfriend, that is unless you're a woman (not to exclude the same of course) however, in which case you probably don't have the same insecurities that would drive a person to bloody their bare fingers on steel strings for hours on end, and for that I applaud you.