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This easy guide to musical instrument repair will help you to avoid expensive repair shop costs by teaching you to make quick and simple repairs.
a simple step-by-step approach for basic guitar tuning.
Buying a new or used guitar can sometimes be puzzling, especially to a beginner. This article gives a basic overview for obtaining your first gutar.
Changing guitar strings on most accoustic guitars can seem like a daunting task, but with the proper tools and know-how it is simple.
Complete guide to the Symphony Orchestra, including a description of each instrument and the four different families--the woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion.
Tips for taking care of your guitar (cleaning, storage, string replacement).
Easy repair for various simple guitar problems (eg. buzzing sounds, constantly breaking string).
Do it yourself guitar repair. Tired of taking your guitar into the shop for costly repairs? What you need to repair and set up your own guitar.
Learn how to clean your trumpet. Here are some easy steps to keep your horn clean. Cleaning and caring for your trumpet will keep you sounding great.
Learn how to read guitar tablature!
Learn how to play the guitar. This will teach the prospective guitarist chords, and string names.
Oboe reed making is made simple in seven easy steps! Become independent with your reed making, and your oboe playing will improve 100%!
Make an ocarina, mans first wind instrument, similar to the way it would have been formed and pit fired thousands of years ago.
Many professional guitarists use electronic tuners to make sure their instruments are in tune. Beginning guitarists can still tune a guitar to itself.
Your voice is an instrument. Treat it with care and it will always perform well for you.