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Steve Earle is back! OK he never went away, but he’s been quiet lately. Sorry, he never was that quiet either.

Let’s start from the top.

Steve Earle is in a better place. Copperhead Road was a good place but, how long ago was that? 1988? That can be a long time in country music. And blues music. And Rock. Or however you choose to classify Steve Earle.

Steve’s had some ups and downs since Copperhead Road. He got messed up with drugs. He spent eight weeks in jail in the early nineties on a heroin rap. Sometimes that’s the last you hear of some musicians before you never hear of them again.

He’s learned from that and he’s done with that. He has a lot on the go now.

He has his own record label, E-Squared. He has a new book of short stories called Doghouse Roses (Not out yet but due early next year). His latest musical release, Transcendental Blues is doing well on adult alternative stations too. He and girlfriend Sara Sharp are writing a play about Karla Faye Tucker. (You remember. The woman who was executed in Texas.)

Steve Earle manages to sell about 100,000 copies of each CD he puts out. That’s his solid base of fans. I think he’s making a concerted effort to move up to a higher plane in popularity. There’s a whole lot of people out there who are missing some solid country/rock/blues (or whatever) sung by a man who seems to have been there, done that. He sings about pain in a way that says, “I know how this feels.” The guitar work is original and so is the voice. A Steve Earle CD is a must for every rock/blues/country fan.