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Born William Ray Cyrus on August 25,1961 in Flat Woods Kentucky, Billy sang in his father's gospel quartet before he was even shcool age. Guitarist/singer Billy Ray Cyrus may never be able to escape all his admiring fans that made him a household name due to "Achy Breaky Heart." When the single was released in 1992 no one had even heard of the singer from Kentucky. But as time went on and popularity
grew, his name and image became connected to the line dancing anthem.

Not since Vanilla Ice has an entertainer become so hot so fast. Achy Breaky Heart hit #1 country single and #4 pop in 1992. His album Some Gave All sold over nine million copies.

Cyrus started playing guitar at age 20 forming a band called Sly Dog. Billy moved to Los Angeles to pursue a recording contract and wound up selling cars instead. He eventually moved back to Huntington, West Virginia, and signed on with Mercury in 1990. He recorded Some Gave All with the members of Sly Dog.

The singer's combination of good-ole boy simplicity and fussy machismo earned him the unfortunate reputation of a dumb hunk. His recordings are as follows:
1992- Some Gave All
1993- It won’t Be The Last
1994- Storm in The Heartland
On December 28, 1993 Cyrus married Leticia "Tish", and they now have 6 children named Christopher Cody, Destiny Hope, Braison Chance, Noah Lindsey, Brandy, and Trace. Billy Ray is still touring and making his music known to all.