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Theres' more to taping a wedding than just setting up a camera and turning it on. If you're married and had a video taken at your wedding, I'm sure you'll agree that last minute spats between the bride and groom can bring conflicts between family members. You, as the photographer, can expect to be dropped into an environment of potential conflict and a source of headaches. The best way to prevent this problems is to set up a meeting with the bride, groom, close family memvers, and, if possible, any other photographers that will be at the service/reception. This way, you can find out EXACTLY what the family wants, any special shots they will want, any ususual parts to the ceremony that they want on tape, how many people will be involved, and other issues. Keep in mind the family will be paying you, so they will probably want to TELL you what you can or can't do. If what they want is reasonable, so don't fight it. That makes your job easier. But, if what they want is unreasonable, be honest with them, but, by all means, be tactful.
Here's an idea of the equipment a well-stocked wedding videographer should have or have access to: At least two VHS camcorders with high-quality low-light functions, one VHS VCR for editing and dubbing, one free-standing light for each camera, a tripod for each camera, preferably ones with a large range of heights, twelve hours of batteries for each camera, the best quality of wireless microphone you can afford (one for each camera), all necessary cables, with spares, and extra tapes, the best quality available.
Marketing ideas: Scan your newspaper for engagement announcements. Then, use your computer's word processor to print your personalized letters detailing your servics. Set up a referral network with florists, formal wear shops, printers, and other wedding-related retailers in your are. Make sure you have a booth at local bridal shows and keep plenty of your brochures and marketing materials handy, so you don't run out. Advertise in your newspaper's wedding supplement. A few final words: Emphasize to your prospective customers in your brochures that your services and fees are customizable. A lot of people can only afford a few hundred dollars for a good video. Weddings can be a lot of work and fun. You are in the position of being able to give the couple and family a permanent record of one of the most special days of their lives. Help make it one to remember for them and you can be on your way to success!