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"Waste not, want not" is a phrase that is drilled into all of us early in life. As adults, some of us sole breadwinners and parents, have a special challenge to put this into practice to avoid feeling strapped at the end of the month. The following are 10 quick and easy ways to cut back and have some extra fun money at the end of the month.
1. Good to the last drop
Rinse all containers before recycling.
That extra bit of shampoo, conditoner or dish detergent goes a long way.
2. Reach out and email someone!
Email instead of call! Save running up your phone bill for special occasions. If you have pals on aol instant messanger, arrange a chat at a convenient time instead of playing phone tag.
3. When it doesn't pay to send the very best (if that means expensive)
Alternative Greeting cards. Remember it is not only the price of the card, but often a special trip to Hallmark to purchase one (does anyone really use the greeting card isle in the supermarket when food shopping?)Send attractive email greeting cards through free services such as Blue Mountain cards or if you are not online, design personal, fun, greetings using desktop publishing software that usually comes with your computer.
4. It's new to you.
If you are getting thinner but your closet is fat with various sized clothes, have a swap meet with your friends where you can raid each others wardrobes, try on fashions, and just have fun!
5. Get on Board!
The bus, the train, the carpool. Every time you don't start up that car you save cash. If you can do without a car, at least during the workweek, you will really save cash on gas, oil, parking, maintanence, and in some cases insurance. Also you will be doing the envirnoment a courtesy.
6. Turn off the light! This is a no brainer. Are you in the kitchen, yet the bedroom light is on?
7. Shopping for two, or three or five! Buying in bulk at the large price clubs only saves money if you don't have any of that go to waste. Money spent on food that will go bad or will sit in your cabinet is not cost effective. Buy what you need week to week with just some surplus for weather emergencies.
8. Leave your credit cards home! Its so easy to buy on credit, yet so hard to face those bills later. Every time you are ready to pull out your card, ask yourself if this purchase is worth up to 18% (or whatever your card interest rate)more than its pricetag.
9. Barter.
Get back to basics. Are you an excellent seamstress and your neighbors husband a roofer? Hmmmm.
10. If you haven't yet, stop smoking and drinking. Think of the money you'll save on the items and some of the potential byproducts of these items: Hospital bills, clothing bills (burns, spills), legal bills.

The above are only some ideas. Have your family make it a game to save money and keep your bills low and you will develop habits for a happy, properous life.