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We all love to shop, but why pay top dollar for clothing when you can buy basically anything for a bargain price. I have been a bargain shopper all of my life and enjoy every minute of it. This can be a fun, enjoyable experience not to mention an inexpensive one if you learn the right techniques to spot a bargain. Of course there are some people that will stand for nothing but the best, but if you are like most of us, you are on some kind of budget and would like to get the most for your money. I would like to share some tips that I have learned just from shopping with a limited budget all of my life.

First, of course, when you are in a clothing store, find the clearance rack. You wouldn't believe the beautiful articles of clothing you can find at clearance prices because they are last years styles, odd pieces, or something that may need a little fixing up. Make sure that you thumb through and literally touch every single piece so you don't miss a thing. It could be that one shirt that you skip just because you are in a hurry that could complete an outfit you already have at home.

Look in the newspaper for sales. Some sales are just regularly priced clothes where one or two racks are really marked down as a lure to get you into the store. After shopping in certain stores for a while you will get wise to which stores actually have the real sales.

Cut coupons! I think I actually helped put a store out of business because I always cut the 40% off of one article coupon and used it faithfully. Get more than one paper and use the coupon a couple of times. You would be surprised how much 40% off can help you save in the long run. Using coupons for something small like a stick of butter saving you twenty cents can be a bit tedious, but when you are using coupons for larger items like clothing you can save big bucks.

I have known people who have shopped at second hand stores and have found wonderful items that they take home, wash and wear. Sometimes they even have racks of clothing that are absolutely free because they may need a button or a zipper. If you aren't afraid of doing some simple repairing like sewing, you may be able to shop for free. At first I wasn't too keen on wearing other people's clothing but after seeing my friends with these beautiful outfits that came from second hand stores I became curious and started shopping there myself. At first I had to hit a couple different second handers, but eventually I hit it just right and came home with 10 pieces of clothing and spent only nine dollars. Imagine how happy my husband was!

Yard Sales! Another money saving secret. Especially in the upper class neighborhoods. They usually give things away when they have a yard sale and the clothing is to die for. You wouldn't believe the winter jackets, silk blouses, name brand clothing and everything I never expected to find. Check in your local paper for yard sales in your area on the weekend, or even check in other areas that your friends live in. Team up on a Saturday or Sunday and do it with a friend you can have fun with.

While you're at it, look in the paper for local church fairs, school fundraising fairs or even flea markets. You may have to dig through some boxes but it can be worth it. Some flea markets sell reproductions of name brand clothing that is brand new, never been worn and in large quantities. Who cares if the tag on the inside is ripped? You can get a beautiful sweatshirt or t-shirt for three to five dollars. This can be a shopper's paradise.

Before you set out on your shopping extravaganza, look in your closet, put all your outfits together and decide what you need to complete them. Check which colors you need and write them down. Bring this list with you so you aren't buying things that you already have or things you don't really need. Check your accessories to see what you're lacking to match with your outfits and look for some earrings or necklaces while you're out.

Always remember one thing, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Happy hunting!